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Amazing Joe Wos Facts!

  • Joe is known as the fastest draw in the east.
  • Each year, Joe goes through 150 markers and gives away thousands of drawings.
  • Joe is left-handed.
  • Joe has performed at festivals and other venues since the age of 15.
  • During 2003 Joe had over 300 performances, visiting over 30,000 children, telling 700 stories, and drawing over 5000 pictures!
  • If you were to stretch out the lines in all those drawings, one years worth would stretch over 6 miles!
  • Joe started working as a freelance cartoonist at the age of 14, when he obtained his first copyright for one of his cartoon characters "JJ Bear".
  • Joe is a master maze-maker and has created mazes dubbed "The World's Most Difficult" one of which is in the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum collection.
  • Joe has created an award winning ballet dancing chicken screen saver.
  • Joe was the very first resident cartoonist of the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Calif.
  • Some of Joe's cartooning credits include designing a map for Presidential Canidate/Comedian Pat Paulsen and, designing a logo for a Goat Farm in Slovenia.
  • Joe's comic strip "Aesop's Foibles" appears worldwide in Storytelling Magazine.
  • Joe released a cd titled Top Drawer Tales in 2004.
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     Joe Wos is a freelance cartoonist and storyteller from Pittsburgh. Who has been sharing his talents with audiences across the nation for the past 12 years. His one-man show, "Once Upon a Toon,"combines his passion for storytelling and drawing cartoons. Joe, with his quick wit and lightning-speed drawings of original stories, classic fables and folk tales, never fails to amaze and entertain during "Once Upon a Toon." A single presentation yields an average of 20 original drawings, which are given to the audience at the end of each show. His rapid drawing skills have earned Joe the reputation as "Fastest Draw in the East!" And his tours of Texas, California and Arizona have extended this reputation to "Fastest Draw in the West." Joe has performed at many festivals, museums, libraries, and schools nationwide. His favorite original story, "The Smartest Dragon," is a delightful tale for children and the young at heart. His imaginative spin on classic stories and folk tales, such as "The True Story of Johnny Appleseed," tickles the funnybone every time! The pun-filled adventures of "Don the Duck" leave audiences of all ages groaning and grinning with laughter.

    Joe has worked as a freelance cartoonist since the age of 14. Clients have included the late presidential candidate and comedian Pat Paulsen and a goat cheese farm in Slovenia. His mazes, dubbed "The World's Most Difficult" by Ripley's Believe It or Not!, are on exhibit at museums worldwide. His parodys of famous artists and their works, "Great Art Belongs on Refrigerator Doors," remains one of his favorite exhibits. He also created a Toon Studio for the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, loaning his collection of original cartoon by cartoon legends from the past 100 years. Joe, a cartooning instructor since age 18, Joe continues to spread his love of cartooning and share his skills and techniques as a cartoonist with students of all ages. He had the great honor of being the first resident cartoonist of the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa Calif. When not performing , Joe spends his time writing stories for his program and practicing them on his family. He is working on several comic books based on original stories performed during "Once Upon a Toon."